Flame Photometer TRFP-604

Flame Photometer TRFP-604

Flame Photometer TRFP-604 is equipped with a 7-inch LCD touch screen and having with a programmed calculation of the correlation coefficient. It has the ability of simultaneous measurement of the elements Na, K, Ca, Ba, and Li. It is a flameout protection device and comes with an air compressor. It has a compassion range of elements. In addition, the repeatability of elements is 1% CV for 20 consecutive samples and can accept the sample <6L/min.

Repeatability 1 % CV for 20 consecutive samples
Respond time  <8s
Sample uptake <6L/min
Sensitivity KNaCa
2 ppm
Range KNaCa
0 to 100 ppm
0 to 160 ppm
0 to 1000 ppm
Linearity KNaLiCa
00.195ppm(0.39 to 3.12)ppm
0.69ppm(1.15 to 9.2)ppm
0.15ppm(0.25 to 5)ppm
3ppm(5 to 100)ppm
Package 1 % CV for 20 consecutive samples
Gross Weight <8s
  •  It has a 7-inch LCD touch-screen
  •   Consistent, simultaneous measurement of elements
  •   It can automatically calculate the coefficient correlation
    Flameout protection device
  •   LPG is a flammable gas
  •   Information of direct concentration
  •  Flame size pre-selection
  •   Range shifts were quantified
  •  The device contains an air compressor

It is particularly suitable for industrial processes that require high reliability, continuous operation, and, on top of that, offers safe remote control options. Used for analyzing and measuring the content and concentration of K and Na elements. Testing cement, glass, ceramics, fertilizers and soil, mining, petroleum, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, beverages, MSW testing, scientific research, health, education, and other fields.


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