Mini Vertical Blot TRMB-601
Platinum Electrode φ0.25mm
Quantity 1 to 4 piece(s)
cooling Units 2 units
Transfer Size 110×90mm
Dimension 135×180×180mm
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Mini Vertical Blot TRMB-602
 Transfer Plates  2
cooling Units 2
Quantity 1-2 piece(s)
Transfer Size 110×90 mm
Dimension (L ×W×H) 180×130×160 mm
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Fast Semi-dry Blot System TRSB-601
Temperature Range 5 to 40 ˚C
 Relative Moisture 20 to 80%
Blot Area 15.5ⅹ11ⅹ2 cm
Blot Speed 2 mini gels within 3 minutes, 4 mini gels or 2 midi gels within 7 minutes
Power Built-in integrated power supply,
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