Basic Electrophoresis Power Supply TRBE-601
Time Set 1 min to 99 h 59 min
Output Voltage Range 10 to 300V
Output Current Voltage 1 to 400 mA; 75 W
Sensitive Limit Voltage 1 V
Sensitive Limit Current 1 mA
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Multipurpose Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell TRME-601
Buffering liquid volume 1000ml
Gel area 130×130mm, 130×65mm, 65×130mm, 65×65mm
Dimension (L×W×H) 300×170×80mm
Comb specification 0.75mm:7+7 wells/14 wells, 9+9 wells/19wells, 1.0 mm: 2.0mm: 3+2 wells/3+3 wells12+12 wells/27 wells, 1.5mm: 7+7 wells/14 wells, 9+9 wells/19 wells;
Weight 1.1Kg
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Mini Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell TRMH-601
Buffering Liquid Volume 260 ml
Gel area 70×70mm & 70×100mm
Comb Specification 0.75mm: 9wells/16wells
1.0mm: 9 wells/16 wells,
1.5mm: 9 wells/16 wells
Weight 0.6 Kg
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Mini Vertical Electrophoresis cell TRMV-601
Quantity 1 to 2 piece(s)
Gel Dimension 83×73mm
Comb Specification 1.0mm: 10 and 15 wells
0.75mm: 10 and 15wells
1.5mm: 10 and 15 wells
Short glass Plate 100×73mm
Spacer glass plate 100×83mm
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