Precision Oven TRPO-605

Precision Oven TRPO-605

Precision Oven TRPO-605 is an innovative device with the latest PID control system. It features a cold-rolled steel chamber device with a larger display window. The temperature range is 50 ° C to 250 ° C and it is equipped with an independent temperature limit alarm, allowing safe operation of this mechanical system. Allows for a uniform distribution of temperature.

Temperature Range 50 ℃ to 250 ℃
Temperature Fluctuation +5 ℃
Power ±1 ℃
Consumed Power 220 V 50 HZ
Dimensions 2000 W
  •  The device is made up of cold-rolled steel
  •   It is having with the most updated PID controller
  •  It has a larger observing window having a uniform distribution of air temperature
  •   An independent temperature-limit alarm system ensures that experiments are carried out safely
  •  LCD intelligent programmable temperature controller
  •   Temperature-limiting alarm system indicates the fluctuations in system
    The fan motor in the EBM

Provided for desiccation, Torre faction, wax-melting, and sterilization in mining enterprises, laboratories, and scientific research institutes


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