Ultra-Low Freezer TRUF-601

Ultra-Low Freezer TRUF-601

Ultra-Low Freezer TRUF-601 is a microprocessor-controlled system intended for a controlled range of-40°C to -86°C. Intended with stainless steel chamber. Given twofold security with two free cooling outlines. An original secure inward door plan for four separate storing compartments limits frost development inside the chamber. Reasonable for temperatures going from 10 °C to 32 °C. Automatic clean-channel caution and sensor error alert. It is equipped with a digital display for noticing the boundaries.

Ambient Temperature 10 to 32℃
Temperature Range -40 to -86℃
Voltage/ Frequency Voltage / Frequency( V/Hz )
Power 442 W
Current 2.67 A
Capacity 58 L
NT. Wt. 115 KG
GT. Wt. 155KG
Exterior Size ( W×D×H) 635×757×1212 mm
Interior Size(W×D×H) 330×453×410 mm
Package Size(W×D×H) 730×845×1400 mm
Racks 2(6×2)
Boxes (2 Inches) 24
Samples (2ml) 2400
Test hole QTY/ Diameter 1/25 mm
Power Failure Backup System (alarm) 72 h
  •  A microprocessor-controlled system is intended for a controlled range of 40 °C to 86 °C
  •   Having a sectioned space with a 1 °C augmentation
  •  Programmed clean-channel caution and sensor mistake alerts
  •  Storing racks, and capacity boxes
  •   Settable high-temperature and low-temperature alerts
  •  Twofold security with two free cooling systems
  •   Rack height with a variable capacity
  •   At the point when one system comes up short, the other system can keep up with the inward temperature at -70 °C
  •   Multifunction cautions incorporate high and low temperature and some more functions
  •   It is suitable for creating two sorts of cautionary products: an evident ringer and an apparent light
  •  USB port for temperature data downloading is standard, just like a door open-element
  •  Contacts for remote warning
    working voltage 187 V to 242 V is intended to permit units to be introduced in regions with helpless voltage conditions
  •  Appropriate for temperatures ranging from 10 °C to 32 °C
  •   A new protected internal door plan for four separate storing compartments limits frost development inside the chamber
  •   Plan a specific control system for an even activity of the course (dual) refrigeration system
  •   Documented history of demonstrated tenacity
  •   An extraordinary entrance seal configuration guarantees the base loss of cold temperature during a door opening
  •   Superior VIP protection boards to limit unit heat acquisition and develop temperature soundness further
  •  HC Refrigerant with improved effective & less energy cost, good for the environment

It is where drugs, enzymes, chemicals, bacteria, and other samples go to be stored. An ultra-low freezer is used to store biological samples such as DNA and RNA, as well as plant and insect samples, autopsy materials, blood, plasma, and tissues, as well as chemical drugs and antibiotics.

Optional Features

It is presented with an optional data logger
Presenting with an optional LN2 and CO2 backup system


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