Spectrophotometer TRNS-601

Spectrophotometer TRNS-601

Spectrophotometer TRNS-601 is having with full automation, presenting with many regular functions, spectrum pre-processing, model test and distract, self-test correction, sample analysis, scanning curve storage, display, comparison, and print. Device analysis software with a laptop. It has a wavelength range of 900 to 1700nm. It has Single-channel whole spectrum scanning. Wavelength Scanning Interval Absorbance with a 1 nm, 4 nm, 8 nm, 16 nm.

Wavelength Range 900 to 1700 nm
Wavelength  Accuracy ±1 nm
 Wavelength Reproducibility  ≤1 nm
Wavelength Scanning Interval Absorbance 1 nm, 4 nm, 8 nm, 16 nm
Reproducibility S/N 0.002 A (at 0.4 A)
Scanning Time ≥ 103 (at 1500 nm)
Application Field ≤2 min
Optical system Liquid dope samples
Detector  grating monochromatic InGaAs
Interface RS232 serial port
Dimensions 570×370×240 mm
Weight 18 Kg
  •  The process of quantitatively analyzing the gasoline octane value, antiknock coefficient, and EP value
  •   It analysis software with a laptop, full automation, numerous standard functions
  •   The correlation for the gas Ron method is very low, at 0.97
  •   Easily updated. Fast scan, wavelength calibrated time from 900nm to 1700nm in under 2 minutes
  •  SCM technology, built-in, as is auto 0 percent and auto background subtraction
  •   It has Single-channel whole spectrum scanning

It is primarily used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of liquid samples, such as gasoline, drinks, milk, and other areas of nutrient analysis, water chemistry, and other physical properties of rapid non-destructive analysis.


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